What is a Network

the network is two or extra linked laptop which could share resource like a printer, a web connection, utility, and so on. it is a collection of laptop systems and gadgets that are related collectively using a wireless network or via communique gadgets and transmission media.

The network affords connectivity among computer systems and gadgets inside a limited variety in which handiest one entity is managed or legal to manage the complete device.

What is Internet?

the internet (interconnected network) is a global system which use tcp/ip protocol suite to hyperlink diverse varieties of electric powered devices international. the net is a set of interconnected devices which can be unfold throughout the globe. it is a community of networks that include public, personal, public, sales, finance, academic, commercial enterprise and authorities networks. the internet is a kind of network and referred to as community of networks.

Key Difference

1) Network connects thousands of laptop, at one-time at the same time as the internet connects tens of millions of computer systems at one time.
2) in a network, one entity has administrative rights to control the network whereas at the internet, no entity controls the device.
3) Network goal is to alternate statistics and collaborates with peers whereas the primary net goal is to get the expertise and communicate over the net.
the community is a collection of pc structures and gadgets which can be connected collectively the use of lan, wan, can, or han while the internet is a global gadget to hyperlink various sorts of electric powered devices global.

Three styles of networks are:

1) LAN (Local Area network):
lan is a network that connects a small range of the system in a enormously near geographical vicinity. e.g., a ground or close by surrounding of a constructing.

2) MAN (metropolitan Area Network):
it’s miles a verbal exchange infrastructure that has been evolved in and around large towns.

3) WAN (Wide Area Network):
it’s miles a network that connects two or extra neighborhood-region networks over a huge geographic distance. a wan spans across a big geographic region, inclusive of a nation, province or united states of america.

why do you want a network?

the community gives the following blessings:

  • Networks offer a quick and powerful method for sharing & transferring files
  • The network model of maximum software programs is to be had at considerable financial savings in comparison to buying seat licensed reproduction for each of them.
  • You don’t want to load all the software program on every laptop. as an alternative, load inside the number one server and use on each computer linked to the network.
  • Easy connectivity and fast communique
  • Internet access sharing
  • Facilitates you in performance enhancement and cargo balancing

Why do you need internet?

The network affords connectivity between computer systems and devices inside a constrained range. in this gadget, simplest one entity is controlled or authorized to manipulate the entire gadget.

  • the internet is a community of computers at specific locations around the sector.
  • permits you to send an e mail message from each region
  • helps you to ship or get hold of documents among one of a kind computers
  • using the net, you can take part in discussion organizations, together with mailing lists and newsgroups.
  • it lets in all small, medium and big length organizations to sell their merchandise with much less investments.
  • it makes information to be had worldwide. so there’s no want to look for a good e book in exclusive libraries, as you could search for facts over the net.
  • it helps you up to date with the today’s news and technology.
  • it enables us meet humans with the equal pastimes as communities, boards, chats, websites, and so on.
  • it eases bills price by way of facilitating invoice fee on-line with the credit card and saves us time spent to rise up in the queue.

History Of Network


terminal-oriented laptop networks had all started which had been very steeply-priced. consequently, time-sharing strategies have been advanced to permit them to be shared through many customers.


the fee of the laptop dropped, and new programs emerged. it will become essential to permit mainframe computers to interconnect and talk with every other.

1960s – apranet become the primary actual strive of growing a community to interconnect computers over a wide geographic region


  • The start of local location networks (lans)
  • Low priced computer systems turn out to be available.
  • Sorts of lan topologies emerged like bus, ring, start, and etc.

History of the internet

here, are crucial milestones from the history of the internet:

in 1962, j.c.r. licklide pioneered the concept of intergalactic computer network
in 1982 the net protocol (tcp/ip) changed into standardized.
in 1990, the world extensive web introduced.
in 1995, mainstream seek engine yahoo was created.
in current time, the internet covers a massive a part of the globe and developing exponentially.
capabilities of network

Features of network:

  • gives excessive capability load balancing
  • indoor as well as outside coverage options
  • determining by using the weighted set of rules
  • web content material/utility filtering
  • capabilities of internet

Features of the internet:

  • a international community which connects millions of computers
  • the net is decentralized
  • every pc over the internet is unbiased
  • there are numerous approaches to get admission to the internet

Disadvantage of network

  • the network requires hardware, software program which demands high initial setup expenses.
  • some time it invites unwanted sharing.
  • it may invite illegal or unwanted behavior.
  • information safety is pretty a big problem in networking.
  • everyday protection of a network wishes sizeable time and understanding.

Disadvantage of network of internet

  • it allows anyone to talk about the entirety with none barriers or censorship. will be a awful influence on impressionable minds.
  • the search engines like google and yahoo may also display a few unrelated outcomes.
  • net may want to replace head to head collaborations and make us lose the human touch.
  • people working on net-associated fields need excessive speeds.
  • working constantly with or at the internet is virtually tiring.
  • the net makes us extra a lazier – as for not unusual thing like search the nearest eating place or finding the nice motel.

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